Heart and Hammer Concert – Saturday, September 19th

Heart and Hammer will be with us again, here at House Concerts in Lake Oswego, on Saturday, September, 19th – on none other than International Talk Like a Pirate Day – Ahoy!! Please see details below.

From left to right:

Brad Price – plays incredible electric and acoustic guitar

Kerry Williams – more than just a crazy man, he plays a smokin’ hot mandolin

Donny Wright – may be one the finest bass players in the NW

Julianna Waters – Songstress and responsible for 95% of all our material and,

Barry Crannell – banjo, guitar, and obtuse semi-amusing comments.

Heart and Hammer are on the heels of their new self-titled CD. Join Julianna Waters and Barry Crannell, performing as they’ve only done once before (A Barry semi-amusing comment ©. These guys are pros!). This time, it’s a 5 piece band! Julianna plays ukulele, and is responsible for 99% of the band’s material. Barry, on guitar and clawhammer banjo, is the other staple, musically, and for twisted humor. Brad Price, an exceptional Telecaster player adds a dimension and polish to the creations of J&B in addition to some contributions of his own. Donny Wright, long time bass player with Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, adds a bass line that grounds the band in time and place. Last but not least, our long time friend and crazy awesome mando picker, Kerry Williams adds color, finesse and humor when he finds the opening. Combined, they give their songs the polish and support they deserve. All dressed up and somewhere to go. Come join the party/potluck – it’s good for you. 🙂

Optional Potluck: 6:30-7:30pm. Please bring a drink and a dish to share. You may attend the concert without coming to the potluck, but why would you want to miss dessert and fun people?

CONCERT: 7:30pm

Cost: **Suggested** donation of $15 – $20 per person. All proceeds go to the musicians.

Location: In Lake Oswego – info furnished when you make a reservation. Reservations can always be changed. Grab a spot while you can! **We will be indoors for the concert; therefore, this venue is best for children over the age of 10.**

Reservations/Questions/Information: Marianne Decher

503-348-2668 mariannedecher@comcast.net

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