House Concert/Workshop with Patience Musandirire – Master Musician from Zimbabwe – Sunday, AUG. 26

The Untold Stories of Zimbabwe’s Musical Arts in Performance – a Pop Up House Concert/Workshop with Master Musician, Patience Musandirire

Patience picture

WHAT: A pop up house concert/workshop means that a Master Musician from Zimbabwe happens to be in town and it is TOO good an opportunity to pass up for the musician and the audience. This is a somewhat spontaneous gathering. Don’t miss it!!

WHY: Patience has most recently taught at Zimfest 2018 at WOU. While House Concerts in LO has typically featured local musicians, it is rare to have a different music genre from a native Zimbabwean.

FOR WHOM:  – “I’m not musically inclined, I don’t know anything about Zimbabwean music, I don’t have any instruments – certainly this workshop is not for me”. Not true!! No instruments required. If you have an mbira, please bring it. If you have an open mind and would enjoy learning something new, kindly know that you are more than welcome! All Ages!

WHEN: Sunday, August 26th

Optional potluck meal from 12:30 – 2:00pm. Bring a (generous serving) dish and some drinks to share if you are attending. Heads up that alcohol will be present at the meal.

**CONCERT/WORKSHOP: 2:00-4:00pm**

WHERE: – location provided when you make a reservation.

COST: – *Suggested* donation of $15-$20 per person at the door. No one turned away. All proceeds go to the teacher. Please be as generous as possible.



Marianne Decher



*The Untold Stories of Zimbabwe’s Musical Arts in Performance*


Description of Workshop:

A journey to understanding and discovering the fundamental elements that sustains develops and preserves musical arts in Zimbabwe through the influence of mbira, marimba, hosho, drumming and story-telling.

Instructor/Performer Info:

Patience is an African Musical Arts Education Consultant for issues focusing on the development and preservation of Zimbabwe’s musical arts dialogues in performance and theory! A University of Pretoria post-graduate holder of Music Education, Patience specializes in musical arts education, curriculum development and learning programs in the attainment of theoretical and practical musicianship skills that have consequences for life today and tomorrow.

Patience uses various musical arts teaching and learning media to sustain the development and preservation of multicultural education as a means to promote socialization, tolerance and the appreciation of cultural arts diversity in the world. Patience has worked with universities and colleges in the US, Europe, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana as a musical arts education consultant and presenter.

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