Celtinalia, Sunday, September 29

It was 96 degrees here in Lake Oswego today, so let’s look forward to some fall house concerts!

Jennifer Pratt-Walter and Carl Thor

Celtinalia brings together two performers with many years of diverse musical experience. Jennifer Pratt-Walter, of the Celtic Muse duo, provides Celtic harp, recorder, tin whistle, percussion and vocals. Carl Thor, of Talisman, adds hammered dulcimer, keyboard, mandolin and vocals. Jennifer and Carl have known each other for years, but only recently began performing together outside of their church community. Together, they create music to lighten the spirit and feed the soul. Audiences are loving the transcendent quality of their music — and clamoring for a recording!

Available for performance at festivals, wineries, cafes, church services, retirement communities, weddings and other special occasions, Celtinalia weaves a varied and satisfying program of music ranging from the 14th century to the present day.

Whether from the concert stage or at the bedside of the dying, Jennifer communicates her reverence for life, her instrument, and music with her hands, searching to define and transcend human experience. Her musical background includes band, choir, and madrigal performance, study of harp, piano and fretted dulcimer, and 20 years performing with Valerie Blessley in the Celtic Muse duo. Her repertoire includes Celtic, Early, contemporary, original, and light classic pieces, and she shares her love of the Celtic harp through her teaching studio in Vancouver, WA.

Carl paints evocative images in sound on the hammered dulcimer and recalls an earlier era with his songs and piano compositions. Involved in music since childhood, during the past 20 years he has performed with Talisman, Cascade Crossing, Hands4, the Portland Megaband, and in collaboration with a variety of other musicians. Though his repertoire centers in the Celtic traditions, he has performed in marching bands and choirs, played music from jazz to Scandinavian, and produced electronic music. He teaches hammered dulcimer, piano, and electronic music.

OPTIONAL POTLUCK: 2:00-3:00pm. Please bring a DRINK to share – lemonade, tea, wine (is always a hit!), beer – whatever you fancy. Because someone is having a birthday the next day, we will provide light snacks and a cake! If you would like to bring along any finger foods to share, go for it, but it is not required.

CONCERT: 3:00pm

SUGGESTED DONATION: – $15-$20 per person. ALL proceeds go to the musicians. Thank you for supporting LIVE music.

RESERVATIONS: – Please email, text or call:

Marianne Decher



Location info in Lake Oswego will be given when you make a reservation. We like to keep a head count so no one ends sitting in your lap 🙂

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