Heart, Hammer, and Stone Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019

Barry Crannell

Julianna Waters
Greg Stone

Heart, Hammer, and Stone

Hey everyone! We’re back and ready to do a real live house concert after an elongated vacation. Julianna Waters has since graduated with her MFA in Creative Writing and managed to slip in some songwriting – because she can. I (Barry Crannell) have been working on my guitar and banjo technique/repertoire for the past couple years, and we’ve added some banjo friendly covers to change up our repertoire a little. We are lucky enough to have Greg Stone in our midst singing songs, playing guitar, and adding general frivolity and mayhem to the show.

Greg Stone has been a guitarist and singer in the Portland area for the last 20 years. A local staple in the bluegrass community, he teaches privately, and is the founder of a bluegrass class every Saturday in SE Portland called Taborgrass  http://www.taborgrass.com/p/music.html.  He and Barry have been playing together for many years and produce a variety of acoustic music. From old-time, to bluegrass, to Celtic fiddle tunes, their partnership has produced some wonderful music, and lots of “only found in rehearsal” laughs.

Somehow, I think we’ll manage to have a great time. Between the beautifully executed songs, oddly named fiddle tunes, and unexpected train wrecks, I think we’ll all come out unscathed.

OPTIONAL POTLUCK: 6:30 – 7:30pm. If attending, please bring enough food and drink to share with at least 4 people.

CONCERT: 7:30pm

SUGGESTED DONATION: – $15-$20 per person. ALL proceeds go to the musicians. Thank you for supporting LIVE music.

RESERVATIONS: – Please email, text or call:

Marianne Decher



**Location info in Lake Oswego will be given when you make a reservation. We like to keep a head count so no one ends sitting in your lap** 

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