Barrie Dempsey, Saturday (Leap Year Day), February 29


It will be Leap Year Day and I will be hosting by myself. C’mon out to hear some fab music and have a glass of wine – or more – with your hostess 🙂

Barrie Dempsey is an award winning musician whose genre wears many different hats. He is a songwriter who spins stories about morality and love, yet can carry a Folk Americana/Roots feel, akin to writers like John Prine, J.J. Cale and Lyle Lovett,to name a few. Barrie is originally from New Jersey & went a long time without pursuing his music, doing mostly fine art. He started writing again in 2008 and has released 2 CD’s, “Barrie Dempsey” and “Line In The Sand”. He is working on his next release for Spring of 2020. To see more information about Barrie go to his website at

OPTIONAL POTLUCK: 6:00 – 7:00pm. If attending, please bring enough food and drink to share with at least 4 people. We put the “luck” in potluck and do not assign dishes.

CONCERT: 7:00pm

*SUGGESTED* DONATION: – $15-$20 per person. ALL proceeds go to the musician. Thank you for supporting LIVE music.

RESERVATIONS: – Please email, text or call: (It’s best to email since I send all confirmations via email. Thank you)

Marianne Decher


**Location info in Lake Oswego will be given when you make a reservation. We like to keep a head count so no one ends up sitting in your lap** 


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