FINE COMPANY – Saturday, April 25


Fine Company is a talented trio of Pacific Northwest folksingers. 

Bill Murlin, Ron Dalton, and Jim Portillo combine a full range of vocal talent, as well as skilled picking on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass.  They trade off on lead vocals, work wonders in three-part harmony, and back their singing with tasteful and energetic instrumentals. Although Fine Company is a new group, the individual members bring together decades of experience performing acoustic music throughout the Northwest.

Bill Murlin can probably claim “seniority” in the group, with over fifty years of performing on stage.  He studied at Washington State University during the height of the “Folk Era”.  Heavily influenced by the likes of The Kingston Trio, Brothers Four, and Chad Mitchell Trio, he formed a duo known as The Wanderers.  He has also performed with two other noteworthy groups, Blue Northern and The Unpaid Bills. Murlin’s warm baritone voice and smooth picking on guitar and banjo made him an in-demand performer at festivals throughout the Northwest. While working for the Bonneville Power Administration, Bill researched the story of Woody Guthrie’s employment in 1941 as a songwriter for the agency.  That research led to Bill’s publishing a historical songbook of Guthrie’s Columbia River ballads.

Ron Dalton is a Seattle songwriter, folklorist, and guitar-picker. He sings tenor in the trio, but has a wide vocal range.  His music tastes are also wide-ranging, from folk to jazz to rock.  He has performed for many years at the major folk festivals in the Northwest, and served for a time as president of Victory Music, the region’s non-profit folk society.  Ron has performed and recorded as a soloist, and also with his wife Peggy Sullivan as the duo Burgundy Pearl.  Ron plays bass as well as guitar.

The youngster of Fine Company is Jim Portillo.  A Texas native, he migrated to the Northwest by way of Nebraska, to become a rehabilitation teacher for Washington state government.  He was influenced at an early age by Doc Watson, Gordon Lightfoot, and classic country music. In Seattle he bought a guitar, took some lessons, and began performing at Victory Music open mikes.  Before long Jim went into “full immersion” in the folk world.  He joined the concert production committees for Seattle Folklore Society and Victory Music; began performing with The Unpaid Bills, The Wanderers, Hank & Claire, and formed his own group, The Cruzers. He now lends to Fine Company his rich voice and able picking on guitar, mandolin, and bass.

For more information, please see:

OPTIONAL POTLUCK: 6:00 – 7:00pm. If attending, please bring enough food and drink to share with at least 4 people. We put the “luck” in potluck and do not assign dishes.

CONCERT: 7:00pm

*SUGGESTED* DONATION: – $15-$20 per person. ALL proceeds go to the musicians. Thank you for supporting LIVE music.

RESERVATIONS: – Please email, text or call:

Marianne Decher

503-348-2668 (preffered, since I send confirmations via email)

**Location info in Lake Oswego will be given when you make a reservation. We like to keep a head count so no one ends up sitting in your lap** 


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