Back In Action!

Hello Everyone!

What a long, strange, isolating trip this has been with the pandemic. Hopefully, the numbers keep dropping and the worst is behind us.

WHO IS UP FOR LIVE MUSIC AGAIN? *Jumps up and down; raises hand*.

Please stay tuned (musician joke) to your inboxes for an upcoming announcement in a couple of days. Our first concert will be July 9 with The Musers! They were enthusiastically received and applauded last time.

Till soon,

House Concerts in Lake Oswego

(It’s been so stinking long, I have forgotten how to write/edit this blog)

4 thoughts on “Back In Action!

  1. How wonderful! Thanks Marianne. Fine Company would love to pick up where we left off 15 months ago! We are working back our groove. Hope to see you in the revived season.

  2. Hello. We are new to LO and would enjoy attending. We can also host as we have a 95-foot deck to accommodate many… even with distancing. Looking forward to hearing from you:)

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