What is a house concert?

As the name implies, it is a concert! In a house! As opposed to a commercial venue that (possibly) has paid parking and where the audience and musicians are almost certainly more separated by distance and formality. Great music, cozy setting! ©


For information/reservations, please contact Marianne at mariannedecher@comcast.net or call 503-348-2668. You will be sent a confirmation email with directions – so yes, I will need your email address.


*Suggested* donation of $15 – $20 per person. Less for children and students. Pay what you can; no one turned away. ALL proceeds go to the musicians.


This is probably not the best venue for kids under the age of 10, unless it is an outdoor concert. Please note that there is alcohol at the potluck.

Where is the venue for House Concerts in LO?

When you email or call to make a reservation, you will be given the location. We prefer to keep this under wraps so that we can manage how many people show up and to keep it comfortable for all. You really don’t want someone sitting in your lap, do you? 🙂 Please keep the location private. Thank you.


Generally, *unless specifically noted*, the optional potluck social hour begins at 6:00pm. The concert begins at 7:00pm. There is an intermission where you may purchase the artists’ CDs, grab more food/drink, and mingle.

Optional Potluck?

You may attend the concert without coming to the potluck social beforehand. Eating, drinking and mingling with cool people is optional but recommended.

I don’t cook. I’m coming from out of town. What to do about the potluck?

No worries. The main point is to be here. Snack items and items purchased from the deli are totally fine. We also have some excellent cooks who bring amazing dishes. This is not a cooking contest.

What do I bring to the potluck?

We are definitely putting the “luck” in potluck and not assigning specific dishes. Bring a DRINK and a DISH to share with at least FOUR people. We, at the venue, happen to be vegetarian but bring whatever you like. Some food/drink, and all plates, utensils etc will be provided. Please come for a full dinner or just snacks/desserts. We won’t tell anyone if you skip the veggies and go straight for the cake. 🙂

Change in reservations:

You are under no obligation to attend and sometimes things come up in life. Please contact us ASAP so we can free up your seat(s) for other attendees.

Last minute reservations:

Go for it. If we have the space, we’d love to have you here.

How many does the venue seat / Parking?

Indoors – 30 comfortably; we can push it to 35. Outdoors – with your own blankets or low seats – hordes. Plenty of neighborhood parking but please be mindful of neighbors’ driveways etc. Outdoor music and outdoor voices must cease and desist after 10pm for the neighborhood quiet rules. Lake Oswego becomes Lake Ordinance at the witching hour.

**How serious are you all about putting on these House Concerts in LO?**

Wife unit has strongly suggested to husband unit that we need an internal wall knocked out to make it an even more spacious, comfortable venue. When the sledge hammers come out, it’s serious!

Questions? Comments?



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