Information for Musicians

What are the details on playing a House Concert for House Concerts in Lake Oswego?

First – I will assume you are good at your craft! I appreciate all the media information and sound samples that folks send me but I will go on the faith that you are good at what you do. So far, everyone who has played here has been stellar! We have predominantly had folk music but we’ve also hosted a professional, touring bluegrass band and a classical guitar quartet.

How do I/my group get a slot?

Contact me. I do my best to accommodate your date and time preference. We usually do about 1 to 2 concerts a month because they are labor intensive with set up and tear down.

We usually have a social hour before the concert, with a potluck meal and drinks. It’s a great way to mingle with the audience members and get a free meal 🙂 Musicians are welcome to arrive one hour before the social hour in order to set up and tune. The homeowners are good about catering to the musicians’ needs (as best we can) with set up and lighting and fetching drinks and carrying cases upstairs and leaving you alone while you “do your thing”. 🙂

So as an example – if you want the concert to start at 6:30pm, the social hour would be from 5:30-6:30 and the musician arrival and set up would be from 4:30-5:30. You have free reign to do the performance as one set, or 2 sets with an intermission and a merch sale.

How does the advertising/reservations work?

I do all the advertising to my distribution list and I keep a list of the reservations. You are free to send the link of all the info to your distribution list but PLEASE let me handle the reservations and sending out the venue info so I can keep a head count. We max out at 30 attendees for indoors and “oodles” for outdoor concerts.

Let’s talk finances. How much do the homeowners get?

Nada. Zip. Zilch. We do this as a service to fulfill our mission of “Creating Community Through Music”. I love that people arrive as strangers and leave as super good acquaintances! We ask for a suggested donation of $15-$20 per person with ALL proceeds going to the musicians. You may get a crowd; you may get just a few folks (that has happened only rarely); but it is always a guaranteed FUN time. For smaller crowds, we have sat in a semi-circle facing the musician(s) so that every audience member got a front row seat. I’ve been known to start some dialogue with the musicians to educate all of us re their instruments or how they go about songwriting etc.


Marianne Decher


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