Hammer Dulcimer Jam 6/28/14 – archive

(Marianne’s casual writing style and less than stellar filming quality here. I’m just jotting down some memories. I don’t claim to officially speak for the group).

What a fun gathering we had here in LO! 8 hammer dulcimerists (I just made up that word), 1 guitarist and 2 flutists. A good time was had by all – and a few of us even hit a pub afterwards. And we had someone join the group who was visiting from Hawaii!!

Enjoy the video below. Please know that the emphasis is on fun, learning and camaraderie. While we aspire to play each song with clean precision, sometimes we just don’t. It’s a process and we’re always improving. We want anyone considering joining to know¬†that this is not about perfection and that all instruments are welcome.

The next jam will be in West Linn, Saturday July 26, from 2:00-4:00pm. Contact me to get on the mailing list and/or to get directions to the venue.


First Hammer Dulcimer Jam in LO – May 31, 2014

Ideally, I would be filing this post under the “Hammer Dulcimer Jams” page, but alas – the editing tool on this blog requires that I file it here.

We had our first Hammer Dulcimer Jam in LO today. It has been my DREAM to have musicians over here for jams and concerts. I was so thrilled, I smiled uncontrollably throughout the first song – because it was also the only one I could play on the HD before switching over to the flute. What a stellar group of people. I loved it. The NEXT JAM is tentatively planned for June 28th, 2:00-4:00pm. Contact me with any questions.

Gail and Kathryn

Hammer Dulcimer Jam!

Check out the jam!

Since I can post tags only on the homepage (here), I want to draw your attention to the newly created¬†“Hammer Dulcimer Jam” page. Let’s get together and create some fun and fab music. If you don’t play the hammer dulcimer yet, you know you want to!! Holler with any questions or comments.


Hammer Dulcimer

Hammer Dulcimer


Strings of Happiness

Strings of Happiness