Julianna Waters, Barry Crannell and Kerry Williams 6/21/14 (archive)

I am rapidly running out of superlatives to describe the amazingly fantastic musicians we’ve had here for “House Concerts in Lake Oswego”. On June 21, 2014, we had Heart and Hammer (Julianna Waters and Barry Crannell), along with Kerry Williams. They are talented, fun, personable and put on a touching, memorable performance. Do yourself a favor and come see them the next time they return. Collectively they performed with guitar(s), ukulele, mandolin, octave mandolin, clawhammer banjo and vocals.

Once again, I apologize for the less than optimal lighting and filming quality. Must work on that!!

After a potluck meal outdoors on the deck, we were treated to music and stories.


Oregon Guitar Quartet – 6/14/14 (archive)

Sometimes there is a magic of an appreciative audience and Master Classical Musicians such that the evening of performance is nothing short of a religious experience. For hours after the performance, unprompted, I kept hearing from the audience how talented the Oregon Guitar Quartet is and how they function as one very cohesive unit. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing personal stories and background information from the OGQ; almost equal to the music itself. The red carpet is rolled out and we eagerly await your return. If you think you can escape next time without staying for post-concert merriment, well… 🙂

These videos do not do the Oregon Guitar Quartet talent justice – which means, dear prospective audience, you’ll have to come see them in person!




Post Concert Thoughts

We had another successful House Concert in Lake Oswego, May 10, 2014, with Mick Doherty and Kevin Shay Johnson, aka Folk City. It’s been my dream to create Community through Music – whether through house concerts or music jams. With 27 audience members and 2 musicians, a good time was had by all. Enjoy the videos below. (Please know that my brief clips on my iPhone do not do these concerts justice! You’ll just have to come here and see them in person.)

One of the highlights of this concert was getting to dance with George in the kitchen, during the famous “Metal Detector” song, while I was making him some green tea. What I learned is that lighting musicians from the front is favorable to back lighting!

Carl Thor and Carolyn Cruso – 4/10/14

For the Archives!!

Our very first concert and it was a success. We had a small enough group to where we could all chat and get to know each other during dinner. One of the highlights for me was that the audience was in no hurry to leave after the music finished (yay!) and we got to chat with Carl and Carolyn until midnight. What I learned is that dinner guests actually need utensils with their meal. Who knew?

Carl Carolyn 41014


Short clips from my iPhone. The filming shall improve with practice and a larger device! Enjoy.